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The Network

EQUITY INTEREST in Comsol Energy (India)


Our network allows us to offer various advantages to our customers, like the ability to gives Customized solutions along with Counter Party security to international suppliers.

    Know more about our network:
  • Set up in the Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA)
  • The founding team brings a combined experience of about 100 years in trading fuels
  • North America is our primary market for sourcing fuels
  • We were the first to bring New Zealand thermal coal to India and are developing reliable sources of coal in Indonesia, South Africa and Australia
Comsol Energy Private Ltd

Comsol Energy operates stock and sale operations in India supporting the retail sales operations.

If you need customized coal supply solutions, coal blends, or cash and carry options please write to

If you need assistance with status of your delivery order, issues with truck and train loading, please write to

For any finance related queries, refund of advances, please write to