• Feb 2021 total coal and coke imports at 15.991 million Metric Tons (MMT) have seen a steep 30.40% fall over Feb 2020 import figure of 22.977 MMT and are 23.75% lower than 20.972 MMT imported in Jan 2021.
  • Thermal coal imports contracted by 42.80% to 9.791 MMT from 17.117 MMT in Feb 2020 and and are 30.51% lower than the 14.091 MMT imported in Jan 2021.
  • Petcoke imports saw a sharper contraction of 67.42% at 0.232 MMT in Feb 2021 as compared to 0.712 MMT in Feb 2020.
  • Coking coal imports continue to remain strong in February with imports at 4.786 MMT up 219.62% as compared to 4.001 MMT imported in Feb 2020. However, coking coal has also lost some momentum since December 2020 5.569 MMT and 5.165 MMT in Jan 2021.
  • In the first 2 months of 2021, thermal coal imports are down by 25.59% at 23.883MMT as compared to 32.094 MMT in Jan-Feb 2020. But Coking coal imports are up by 26.06% at 9.993 MMT as compared to 7.927 MMT in Jan-Feb 2020.
  • The restrictions imposed by China on imports of Australian coal have led to some price distortions in the market. As a result Indonesian prices surged whilst Australian origin coal prices remained soft.
  • This led to a reduction in India’s imports of Indonesian origin coal. And a surge in Australian coal imports.
  • In the first 2 months of 2021 Indonesian thermal coal imports contracted by 31.30% to 13.341 MMT down from the 19.419 MMT imported in Jan-Feb 2020.
  • Australian thermal coal imports surged by almost 300% to 4.349 MMT from 1.087 MMT imported in Jan-Feb 2020. US origin coal imports also surged by 98.81% to 1.713 MMT as compared to 0.861 MMT imported in Jan-Feb 2020.

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This analysis has been compiled by obtaining data from Iman Resources’ sources.

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