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What We Do

Energy Markets

Energy Markets are today led by consumers’ needs to be environmentally conscious and responsible

Energy markets are driven by robust growth in demand for energy especially in South and South East Asia and the MENA regions.

This is leading Fossil fuel suppliers to balance the need to supply alternate fuels to ensure economic viability

In this shuffle between alternate fuels in the energy matrix, market participants like IMAN RESOURCES constantly seek arbitrage to secure value for the consumers & producers based on market dynamics.

Know Our Business

We secure Spot and Term supplies of Coal from highly reputed Coal Mining companies in the US and we are in the process of forging newer tie-ups in Asia, Africa, Middle East and Australia.

We create customized solutions for our clients in Asia and elsewhere, and ensure timely delivery.

Our customer base in Asia is growing, as is their unique set of requirements for varied fuel and raw material. We not only understand this but are already in the middle of making strategic partnerships across the world, to be able to deliver top quality product at competitive prices to our clients.

Business Model

Bulk Sales

  • Iman negotiates & concludes purchase of coals with reliable, world-class producers or suppliers
  • Iman similarly concludes Charters of Affreightment with reputable vessel owners
  • Once the trade is concluded, a contract is drawn between the Producer / Seller of coal & one of Iman’s financing entities, wherever Iman’s own financing is not utilized
  • IMAN always absorbs the TRADE RISK, while the financing entity would be paid a fixed fee per metric ton plus costs of financing
  • IMAN may sell back to back to consumers or may hold the forward positions based on market dynamics
  • This decision is based on periodic assessment of supply & demand, pricing & supply of alternate fuels, freight market for ocean faring vessels, seasonal demand in the retail & industrial markets, appetite of specific consumers like cement manufacturers or merchant power producers, etc

Retail Sales

  • Retail Sales is an interesting & exciting value added component of IMAN’s business model
  • Several industrial users also prefer just in time purchases from our port stockpiles
  • Brick Kilns in five northern & north-western states of India depend on high Calorific Value Coal with high Volatile Matter & high FSI
  • The weak coking properties in U.S. NAPP Coal are required for caking of high quality bricks in North India
  • Iman maintains a steady supply of high Calorific Value NAPP Coals at 3 Ports in India
  • Iman also developed a retail market for Illinois Basin Coals (ILB) on a cash & carry basis, with the option to load in trucks or rakes
  • Iman operates the cash & carry model under a SMA (Stock Management Agreement) with a 3rd party independent agency approved by the financing banks
  • Teams from Comsol’s Port based offices keep a round the clock vigil of the coal stocks & ensure smooth loading of retail bound trucks & rakes

10-Point Service Mix

Each customer is different with different requirements and using a mix of the 10 options below, we aim to offer a truly customised experience.


Full or part shipments

Flexibility of taking Part shipment


Discharge port inspection

Gives its customers the safety and security of a discharge port inspection report


Letters of Credit prior to vessel discharge

Gives customers the flexibility of opening the LoC BEFORE the vessel arrives at the discharge port


Structured financing

Offers to finance the import of fuel through a structured financing model


Split bills of lading

Offers customers split bills of Lading to clear cargo from customs in small lots and pay customs duty in small amounts.



Undertakes responsibility of discharging the vessel plus provide services of loading trucks and rakes for customers.


Free storage

Offers its customers a free period to store the coal at port


Rupee sales

For customers who do not want to risk exposure on foreign currency transactions


Cash & Carry option

Pay a small advance to lock-in their transaction price and lift cargo by paying cash, thereby getting the flexibility to buy and lift coal whenever needed


Rake loading

Offers to load trains for the customer as per their requirements.

Over 20 customers have placed their faith in Iman