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Energy Markets

Energy Markets are today led by consumers’ needs to be environmentally conscious and responsible.

Energy markets are driven by robust growth in demand for energy especially in Asia and market participants like IMAN RESOURCES constantly seek arbitrage to secure value for the consumers & producers based on market dynamics through constant shuffle between alternate fuels in energy matrix.
We create customized solutions for our clients in Asia.

Know Our Business

We secure Spot and Term supplies of Coal from highly reputed Coal Mining companies in the US and we are in the process of forging newer tie-ups.

Our customer base in Asia is growing, as is their unique set of requirements for varied fuel and raw materials. We not only understand this but are already in the middle of entering into strategic partnerships to be able to deliver top quality materials at competitive prices to our clients.

Business Model


 Undertakes responsibility of discharging the vessel and loading trucks. We monitor stockpile through our associates, insuring safety of cargo and consistency in quality.

Free Storage

Offers its customers a free period of time to store their coal at various ports which gives them sufficient amount of time for the sale. 

Rupee Sales

For customers who wish to mitigate risk, we provide just in time deliveries with real-time pricing.

Rake Loading

Offers to load trains for the customers as per their requirements.

Cash and Carry Option

By paying a nominal upfront amount, customers secure their transaction price and have the flexibility to purchase and collect coal at their convenience by making a cash payment.