• Jan 2021 solid fuel imports at 21.26 million Metric Tons (MMT) are only 0.03% lower than the Jan 2020 import level of 21.266 MMT. As compared to December 2020 however, solid fuel imports have lost some momentum and 12.66% lower than the 24.34 MMT imported in December.
  • Coking coal imports continue to remain strong in January with imports at 5.31 MMT as compared to 3.926 MMT imported in Jan 2020. However, coking coal has also lost some momentum since December 2020 when imports down about 4.65% when compared with the .5.569 MMT imported in December 2020.
  • PCI imports followed the same trend as coking coal with Jan imports of 1.256 MMT about 20.14% higher than the 1.045 MMT imported in Jan 2020 but lower than the 1.629 MMT mported in Dec 2020.
  • Thermal coal imports are lower at 14.237 MMT by 4.94% as compared to Jan 2020 which were at 14.977 MMT and 11.70% lower than Dec 2020 when imports were 16.124 MMT.
  • However, the biggest contracts in imports were Anthracite at 0.052 MMT (down 58.10%), Metcoke at 0.091 MMT (down 70.31%) and Petcoke at 0.315 MMT down 64.63%) as compared to Jan 2020.
  • Economic Activity continues to improve in Indian economy. The Jan Manufacturing PMI came in at 57.7 and has accelerated over the December 2020 pace of 56.40.
  • India’s Services sector which returned to growth in October also accelerated in January to a reading of 52.80 as compared to a reading of 52.30 in December.

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This analysis has been compiled by obtaining data from Iman Resources’ sources.

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