1. After record imports of thermal coal and overall solid fuels, Jan & Feb 2020 stayed with the growth trend with strong import growth in thermal and coking coals.
  2. However, due to COVID-19, we may just begin to see negative growth in imports in coming month(s).
  3. India’s coal production, after severe disruptions in Sep & Oct 2019 due to an extended monsoon bounced back strongly. Jan & Feb 2020 saw the highest monthly coal production ever in the country’s history and the strong domestic production is likely to continue for the month of March 2020.
  4. With demand for coal in Europe reducing & COVID Breakout, we may see supply disruptions in the coming months. Jan & Feb 2020 saw the emergence of supplies from Russia and Colombia.
  5. With Coal India building stocks at both the power plants and pit heads, there are no immediate coal supply constraints visible. There is also a visible pick up in thermal power generation and with the summer approaching, we can expect improved demand & consumption for coal.
  6. Basis vessel loading information, a lot of US origin thermal coal will reach Indian shores in Mar & April 2020.