India’s coking coal imports totaled 3.34 million metric tonnes (MMT) in August 2020, a 57% increase over the 2.13 MMT imported in July 2020.  The aggregate import figure for August was however, lower by 25% when compared to August 2019 when the imports totaled 4.48 MMT.

PCI imports totaled 0.99 MMT in August a rise of 19% over July’s imports of 0.84 MMT. When compared to August 2019 imports figure of 1.23 MMT imports were lower by 18.52%.

For the Calendar year till August 2020 coking coal imports totaled 26.24 MMT down 22% from the 33.71 MMT imported in the same period of 2019. PCI imports for Jan to August were 7.70 MMT down 15% from the 9.05 MMT imported in the same period the previous year.

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