India’s petcoke imports aggregated 0.82 million metric tonnes (MMT) in July 2020 a 42% increase over the 0.58 MMT imported in June and 11.47% increase over the 0.74 MMT imported in July 2019.

For the year up to July 2020, India imported 6.35 MMT of petcoke, a drop of 15.65% from the 7.55 MMT imported in the same period of 2019.

Imports from the US totaled 3.39 MMT an increase of 10.20% over the 3.07 MMT in July 2019. Imports from Saudi Arabia were 3.84 MMT a 40.80% increase over 2.73 MMT for the same month last year.

The availability of petcoke has tightened in recent weeks, both in the international as well as Indian domestic market. This has led to price increases. Reliance announced a Rs 518 per tonne increase in its basic price for August deliveries which now stands at Rs 7,268 per tonne. The price was increased for the third consecutive month.


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